Product List
* Hot-pluggable QSFP+ form factor* 4 independent full-duplex channels* Up to 11••。2Gbps per channel bandwidth* Aggregate bandwidth of 40Gbps* QSFP MSA compliant* VCSEL/DFB/EML transmitter* Built-in digital diagnostic functions* Duplex LC receptacles/Single MPO-12 receptacle* Single +3••。3V power supply operating * TX input and RX output CDR retiming* Temperature range 0°C to 70°C* RoHS-6 Compliant
* Duplex LC or Single LC Connector* Single 3.3 V Power Supply* Compliant with SFP+ and SFP MSA* Compliant with CPRI/OBSAI* Built-in Digital Diagnostic Monitor function* Mulit-rate for 1.228 Gb/s to 6.144 Gb/s* 18-Wavelength CWDM 1270nm to 1610nm available* Operation Temperature Range 0~70°C or -40~85°C optional * Low Power Dissipation* RoHS-6 Compliant
* Up to 28Gb/s bi-directional data links* Hot-pluggable SFP28 footprint* Built-in digital diagnostic functions* Oxide VCSEL/EML/DFB transmittere* Compliant with single lane 100G Ethernet applications* Duplex LC connector* Up to 40 km on 9/125μm SMF,100m(150m) over MMF (50/125μm Om4), 70m(100m) over MMF (50/125μm OM3)* Single +3••。3V power supply operating * TX input and RX output CDR retiming* Temperature range -45°C to 85°C* RoHS-6 Compliant
* Single Fiber Bi-directional data Link* Industry standard 2x10 package for ONU* Industry Standard 2x10 or SFP package for OLT* SC Receptacle or Pigtail optional* Reset burst-mode receiver design support more than 15dB dynamic range* Operating Case Temperature 0°C~+70°C * Single +3••。3 V Power Supply* LVPECL Compatible Data Input/Output Interface* Complient with Class I Laser Safety Standard IEC -60825* Compliant with SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface* Complient with ITU-T G••。984••。2 Amendment 1* Complient with RoHS-6
* Duplex LC Connector* I2C management interface* Single 3.3 V Power Supply* Compliant with SFP+ MSA* Up to 14.025 Gb/s bi-directional data links* Tri-Rate 4.25/8.5/14.025 Gb/s Fibre Channel through Rate select * 4x Fibre Channel Compliant* 8x Fibre Channel Compliant* 16x Fibre Channel Compliant* Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae * Compliant with SONET OC-192 / SDH STM-64* Operation Temperature range 0~70°C* Low Power Dissipation* RoHS-6 Compliant
* Single Fiber Bi-directional Data Link* SC Receptacle or Pigtail Optional* Industry standard 2×5 or 2x10 package for ONU* Industry standard 2x10 or SFP package for OLT* Single Power Supply 3.3 * Differential LVPECL Inputs and Outputs* Compliant with Class I Laser Safety Standard IEC -60825* Compliant with SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface* Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX10/PX20* Compliant with RoHS-6
* Hot-pluggable SFP Footprint* Dual LC Connector* Wide Distance Supported from 500m to 120km* Built-in Digital Diagnostic Functions* Metal Enclosure for Lower EMI* Comply with SFP MSA* Comply with SDH/SONET * Comply with IEEE Std 802.3* Operation Temperature Range 0~70°C or -40~85°C Optional * Single +3.3V Power Supply* RoHS-6 Compliant
* Full duplex single channel 850nm parallel active optical cable * Transmission data rate up to 25Gbit/s* SFF-8431 SFP28 compliant* Hot pluggable electrical interface* Differential AC-coupled high speed data interface* 850nm VCSEL and PIN photo detector array* Maximum link length of 100m on OM4 MMF* Low power consumption* Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C* 3.3V power supply voltage* RoHS 6 compliant
* Hot-pluggable SFP/SFP+ Package* Up to 1••。25Gb/s or 10Gbps Bi-directional Data Link* Operation Temperature range 0~70°C or -40~85°C Optional * Low Power Dissipation* Compact RJ-45 Connector Assembly* Fully Metallic Enclosure for Low EMI* Detailed Product Information in EEPROM* Single +3••。3V Power Supply* Access to Physical Layer IC via 2-wire Serial Bus* 1000BASE-T Operation in Host Systems with SERDES Interface* 10/100/1000Mbps Compliant in Host Systems with SGMII Interface* 100Mbps to 10Gbps up to 30m over cat6/7* Compliant with SFP/SFP+MSA* Compliant with IEEE Std 802••。3TM-2002* RoHS-6 Compliant Products
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